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I’m proud and fortunate to be a co-inhabitant of Earth … I think everyone should feel that sense of pride –- not quite patriotism or nationalism … just Earthism

I think I’ve coined a new word …

it sounds awkward, but the sentiment is, I believe, noble … if we all inspire a swelling of honour for being alive on this stupendous host planet, then respecting our home would be an innate habit, an inevitable consequence of our mundane routines … we wouldn’t have to think about taking care of the Earth, it would be automatic … as parents love their child, as siblings care for each other, as friends look out for one another, each human would have the same concern for Home … it would be effortless and intrinsically rewarding … it would be a necessity and a natural way of living …

it’s not a primitive mind-set, nor does it imply sacrifice … for we are sacrificing more if we ruthlessly imperil life on the planet … it isn’t difficult to live conscientiously … a “simple life” doesn’t mean “boring” or even “deprived” … i think it suggests respect more than anything … respect for oneself as well as for other living beings …

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5 Responses

  1. Daniela,

    Who are you, that you can speak out of my mind? Every post of you describes so closely what I feel and what I wish to share. What is your last name so I can properly give you credit should I ever cite your writing?


  2. 2

    This is certainly not a sentiment saved for fools. This is truth this is love and light.
    But like you said loving the earth automatically like a parent loves a child, not all people care for their children the way you care for your planet.
    Its the ebb and flow, the yin and yang.
    Not everyone respects themselves, therefore cannot respect the world around them- and beyond that they don;t understand –They are the world around them—

  3. 3

    Earthism. I like it. It seems as if the world has forgotten what we are. We are not seperate countries, we are not seperate people, and we are definitely not seperate worlds. We are one world, and we need to protect it. Earth protects us so we need to step up and join in the act of Earthism, we owe it to our Mother Earth who has put up with all of our nonsense and destruction.

  4. 4
    shi :) 

    Me too like Earthism

  5. 5

    :) thanks kathrin! im glad you enjoy my blog … my full name is daniela rambaldini … :)