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i’m so pleased to see how many people are enjoying this blog … i’ve received a lot of fantastic feedback and a lot of questions about when the next posts will be coming … i’ve had to take a pause from writing for this blog because i’m currently editing a textbook (in addition to the usual smorgasbord of work contracts and academic interests that revolve through my mind on a daily basis) … i already have a million ideas bustling in my brain for future threads to post, but will likely write about an issue that is particularly urgent and that i am especially passionate about — the ecological and biological dangers of GMOs

GMOs are Genetically Modified Organisms … i’m currently an active member of the North American Non-GMO Project, which is taking on the role that the Canadian and US governments have failed to commit to … this initiative was started by concerned industry leaders and retailers in the organic food sector to provide standardized, non-partisan testing and labelling of organic and natural foods that are 99.5% guaranteed to be free of GMOs …

currently, north american consumers have no means of knowing which foods or products may contain GMOs … it may seem trite to be concerned about GMOs, but the reality is that humans are, once again, playing with fire … and there is no “maybe” that we’ll get burned by these enormous and dangerous genetic experiments … we already have been burned, but somehow we are failing to acknowledge the scars … governments and corporations continue to stoke these flames … they fund more experiments, more lab miscreations, more genetic manipulations, more freakish exploitations ….

i will write details in a future post … until then, please read the through the reams of information provided on the Non-GMO Project site and explore the links provided …

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2 Responses

  1. 1
    Steven Johnson 

    I love to read your articles, hopefully I’ll see some more in the future!

  2. 2
    Steven Jonson 

    Please continue to write. I keep coming back to see if you wrote more. but no.